Richard Bolhuis (1977) / Groningen (NL)

About Richard Bolhuis

Richard Bolhuis is a versatile artist who lives and works in Groningen. He creates films (animated or non-animated), drawings, music, performances and soundscapes, often in combination with each other. He has an intuitive working method and the nature of his work is strongly process-driven and location-specific. His work responds to architecture, the countryside, materials and light. Richard always tries to work as unconsciously as possible, without any plans or drafts drawn up beforehand. He regards his units as infinite and ageless sketches which are in a continual state of transformation and which are gradually becoming deeper. Mystery and amazement are the major elements in his work.

Richard Bolhuis has previously held exhibitions at various locations including the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) and Groninger Museum, and in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Louvain (Belgium). His one-man show entitled Ancestral Roots will be exhibited at the Hundred Years Gallery in London (UK) in September 2017, and he will be holding another one-man show at Museum De Buitenplaats (Eelde) in 2018.

About the art work

Smeersum historical site, Westervalge 82, Warffum (opposite Aviko)

Richard designed and executed the unit at the site of the former Smeersum farm near Warffum in the same way. He started with the title Flood , took some ink along with him and borrowed  96 potato crates from Koop Landbouw in Usquert. The rest was built up gradually while Richard was working on his creation.  The artist invites the public to absorb his work into themselves and to give it their own personal interpretation.

About the location

For centuries, the farm house ‘Smeersum’ was located here, until it was hit by a storm in 2013. In 2014, the original character of the farmyard was restored by owner Aviko. The original stone gate posts and the old bridge have been preserved.

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