Marieke Kijk in de Vegte (1983) / Groningen (NL)

About Marieke Kijk in de Vegte

As a photographer, Marieke Kijk in de Vegte has an interest in the relationship between man and (makeable) landscape. Specifically in the power-play between culture and nature. The tone of voice of her work is soft and poetic and leaves room for imagination.

Kijk in de Vegte graduated from Minerva Art Academy Groningen in 2006 and has photographed for the city of Groningen and magazine Noorderbreedte. In collaboration with photographer Sabina Theijs she created a book and exhibition 'Randverschijningen, het leven op de stadsrand' (life on the city edge). For her series of Nedernors, Marieke traveled to the small Norwegian island of Hovden where the isolated existence of three Dutch families captivated her.

About the art work

Opkomen en Verdwijnen
t Olde Heem, Professor Poststraat 1, Kloosterburen

Marieke took a series of photos focusing on the theme of water in connection with the 2016 Post Middendorp Opdracht. These photos demonstrate how people experience the malleable landscape in two different ways. ‘Economic land’ can be seen at Kloosterburen where land has been reclaimed from the sea. Conversely, land has been given back to the water and to nature at Wedde and the Groningen part of the Zuidlaardermeer lake, where new flora and fauna can be seen. This series of photos includes some magnificent portraits of Remt Meijer, who lives at Nieuw Bokum farm. He is the tenth generation to live on this farm since 1717.

About the location

With Coöperatie Klooster & Buren, residents themselves take responsibility for their habitat. With the history of the place as a source of inspiration, they are redeveloping the oldest monastery grounds of Groningen. A special undertaking which focusses on food, culture, care, education, energy, economics and ethics.

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