Jette Mellgren & Jan Johansen (1957/1957) / Odense (DK)

About Jette Mellgren & Jan Johansen

Danish artists Jette Mellgren and Jan Johansen create works of art about our relationship with nature. Their organisation Fletvaerket is the basis for creating cultural and sculpture projects in Denmark and abroad, which result in aesthetic experiences for a wide section of the public.

Their works are made of natural materials such as twigs, reeds, tree trunks and branches, and they use traditional weaving and plaiting techniques in an innovative manner. This results in art works in the countryside made out of natural materials that encourage us to look at our natural environment and culture from a different angle. Nature, art and culture all come together in perfect harmony in Mellgren & Johansen’s work.

About the art work

Consolation houses
Klutenplas, Noorderdijk, Den Andel

Jette Mellgren and Jan Johanson created a new art work next to the Klutenplas for the Kerstvloed 1717 Art Route. This work comprises three tall houses with nest-shaped roofs, made out of trunks and branches from various species of trees in the neighbourhood and constructed using a variety of plaiting techniques. They remind you of towers in religious buildings such as temples, mosques and churches. The three houses are standing next to each other in the bare and desolate border region between land and sea. People have been battling with capricious nature for many centuries and this part of Groningen is no exception. How can we cope with fear, loss and death? How can we find explanations for all this? And how can we find consolation? It may sound strange, but catastrophes are occurrences that bring us all together and result in tremendous solidarity. At such times, we realise we’re all human beings with the same basic needs. Mellgren & Johansen’s art works focus on the spiritual recuperation that we humans seek after a catastrophe. The Consolation Houses symbolise new life and a place to dream and hope for a safe future for everyone.

About the location

De Klutenplas near Den Andel is the first piece of land which Het Groninger Landschap converted into a brackish water area. The vegetation which has meanwhile taken root there is most impressive and includes sea aster, alkali grass, sea wormwood and marsh samphire.

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