About Expeditie Kerstvloed 1717

The 1717 Christmas Flood (Kerstvloed) was the greatest natural disaster to occur in the Netherlands during the past 400 years. Although it took many years to repair the dikes properly, this led to a revolution in coastal defence. Traces of this disaster such as pools and old dikes can still be seen in the surrounding countryside. But we’ve raised and reinforced our dikes since then, and this means that Groningen people’s relationship with the sea has been relegated to the background.

De Verhalen van Groningen Foundation is the project manager for Expeditie Kerstvloed 1717. Besides the Kerstvloed 1717 Art Route, this event includes a wide variety of activities to be held during Christmas Flood Year 2017: exhibitions, lectures, Christmas Flood walking tours, excursions, magazines, educational activities, music and festivals all focusing on the theme of the 1717 Christmas Flood, including Tocht om de Noord.

Expeditie Kerstvloed 1717 is an initiative set up by the following parties: Het Groninger Landschap, Domies Toen, Stichting Erfgoedpartners, Noorderzijlvest Water Board, Marketing Groningen and De Verhalen van Groningen. We would like to thank the following parties for their financial support: the municipalities of Eemsmond, De Marne and Winsum, Ben Remkes Culture Fund, SNS Fonds Eemsmond, Groningen Seaports, Loket Leefbaarheid, Kansrijk Groningen and Aviko.



Anja Reenders is project manager at De Verhalen van Groningen and project manager and secretary for Expeditie Kerstvloed 1717. Please contact Anja if you have any questions or comments, or if you’d like to tell her about any other activities relating to the 1717 Christmas Flood.

Anja Reenders
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 22
9711 HG Groningen


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